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I had a busy day at work today but I’m really glad that it was a quiet moment when she came to pick up her items. 

It started from her telling me that the CoQ10 did nothing for her and that she still felt very tired and fatigued. As I gently probed for more details, she said she was waiting for surgery to fix her knee and that won’t happen until June. Living with physical pain is debilitating. It really sucks everything out of you. I felt sorry for her. 

Then there was death and loneliness. Death caused the loneliness despite having children and friends. The first step was to admit it, that you feel lonely. I think society is not very sympathetic towards lonely people. Everyone is too busy. I was told, “Oh, but they have their own family and issues.” I told her I believe family is family and true friends won’t bat an eyelid if you are honest with them. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate event with pomp and fuss, it can just be hanging out in the same room or a quick meal or a grocery run or even if it’s just sitting in the car while your children sends your grandchildren to their activities. Since when do family members have to be so 客氣 with each other? To worry about, “Am I imposing? Is she comfortable? Am I taking up their time?” 

When it comes to something like this, I’m glad to be Asian. We don’t have to be so uptight about personal space or privacy sometimes (although ironically, those are the very things that annoys me too!). For someone who has family and friends around her, yet be afraid to ask them for their company…it’s sad. I would feel horrible if my mother is ever made to feel that way when I am within driving distance from her. I’m not saying that they don’t care, but why is she made to feel afraid to reach out for company? That she is a burden or that she may be imposing herself on others? 

Loneliness is a real thing. I’m sorry she has to go back to an empty home where there were lots of memories with the person she loved. I do hope that one day, this same home will be a place that would make her feel happy again. I hope she will take baby steps to get better. Not wanting to get out of bed is not a good sign, and I’m not talking about the lazy cold mornings. 

I told her I truly understood how she felt. My life overseas have been lonely, especially in the beginning of a new place. That’s why I was somewhat reluctant to move here, knowing well that starting again is tough. No man is an island. I know I made friends eventually but those who truly knows me (whom I’m also utterly comfortable with to be myself) were not within driving distance for me to hang out with. They were not even in the same time zone for me to call! My family is scattered over 3 different continents – it’s meaningless (but we’re working on that). Oh my dear heart! How it felt every emotion when she told me her story. I could see tears brimming as she tried to hold them back. 

As she picked up her bags, “Thank you for talking to me.”

Oh my heart! I thank God for putting me there today and I hope she feels better from having someone to talk to. 


Not too bad

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I think I did better this time – my dispensing assignment.

*does a little victory dance*

But as with all things, it can only get better!

Below is part of my conversation with a patient today:

“Hello, Mr Smith*! Here is your medicine. Are you expecting three items today from your doctor?”

“Oh yes, yes. He told me I have high blood pressure…something like 165/105…is that good?”

“Well, it would definitely be better if it was lower.”

“Really? I thought if I had a higher number it’d be better…like a score? The higher the better?”

“Oh no, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.”

Trust me, it was REALLY difficult to keep a straight face because the patient was so animated when he told me his theory.

Thankfully, it was just Rory being a very “interesting” patient for me to practice on while doing assignment 4 today.

*So there was no Mr Smith.


Guess what?

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Guess what?
Can you guess what’s this?
I quite jakun lah, so I think it’s really cool.

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I officially stepped into the “corporate” world on 4th September 2006.
No wonder the date seem familiar (apart from it being YeeWon’s birthday)!

I remember the berdebar feeling while being all new in the company; having to attend the first CommMeeting on the first day of work – to stand in front of everyone (and webcam) to introduce myself.
I was comforted by the fact that I wasn’t the only one that day – that is why until today, I feel a connection between Willie and I. We both plunged into this profession, having no previous experience, wanting something completely different+challenging and we were both from jobs that didn’t really have anything to do with what we were stepping into.

It was also because our product portfolios are similar in sense of customer base and territory (whole Malaysia, one rep, travel all over) – so we were able to empathize with each other’s experience in the world of being a new sales rep (*cough*ProductSpecialist*cough*)


Our plan to have the yum char session to talk about our experiences (to support each other) being all new in this sales job (together with Alvin, who left the IT side to join the PrimaryHealth team) never came through.

Completely off-track: Photos with borders look so much nicer! Macam postcard?
The photo on top is the KL skyline, taken from Poreiz’s balcony at GurneyHeights.


Not yet

by FeR on August 15, 2008 in stories

It’s Friday but my weekend has not started yet.
One more day to go.

Those who work weekends (I’m talking about pharmtechs – my placement and roster is currently the same as the techs) would have to clear the bins of “unwanted” meds (scripts that lived in those bins for more than 2 weeks) and I would use any free time I have to start clearing them earlier so I would not be too swamped on my Saturdays because on Saturdays/Sundays, only one tech would be around to help the pharmacist.

There wasn’t any time in these two days!!! Crazy isn’t it?
We’ve been THAT busy.

So tomorrow (I foresee) it’s going to be quite busy – what with having Rory in the early shift (through observation, he seems to attract madness! :P )

It doesn’t help that now I’ve been introduced to my folder today – the one which I’m supposed to keep updated with my daily/weekly/monthly sales performance (warao! And I thought I’ve left the rat race of sales!)…and we’ve been given NEW books for our OTC training.


After spending my lunch time trying to complete the old book (which I only got in June!), they now have a new books, new system and new items on the CompleteCare cards. And we’re behind by a week…so by tomorrow I’m supposed to finish 10 cards!
That’s 10 common ailments!


The good with the new system is the incentive.


But it’s not that easy.
We’ve got to sell two or more items on the card to be “eligible” to scan the card so that HQ would be able to track our sales. We’ve got individual logons so it’s possible to track individual performance. If I’m not mistaken, cash incentives yo! For individuals and store.

*wiggle eyebrows*

All those things going and itu belum count my ethics assignments, law prep notes, studying for my law exam, going through my pharmaco, going through the available meds in NZ…GARGGHHHH!!!

It’s no wonder I’m stressed.
When I’m stressed, I just want to cuddle up in bed and not get out.