Courtyard and vege bed update

by FeR on March 10, 2019 in gardening

Courtyard photo from February 2019

The courtyard looks a bit darker now with the pergola in (click here to see how it looked like before)
1. Lemon + mandarin + orange – it died from root rot! :cry:
2. Blood plum + white nectarine – the nectarine graft is dead…I think.
3. Dwarf “Jiro” persimmon – will be potting up in winter.
4. Apple trees – the Royal Gala is growing well but something is eating the other
5. Dwarf calamondin – needs to be potted up soon.
6. Red/white seedless grapes – the white is growing vigorously, not so much the red.
7. Brown Turkey Fig – still in its bag.

If any lesson is to be learnt from this, it is NOT to buy a multi grafted tree(s). Or at least, not for a newbie. Expensive lesson. Sigh.
And maybe be a little more patient and tackle one type of tree at a time. :lol:

I decided to put my raised vege beds at the front of house (yes, everyone has said that people will take my produce – but I pray NOT!) because that is the sunniest spot year round. It seems huge initially but I think I’m used to it now that it doesn’t seem that big to me anymore – not if I compare it to Melody’s! I’d like to fit in more and maximise the space, but haven’t been planning it too well. Some seeds just wouldn’t germinate and I’m not sure if it’s the type or that I do need to get new seeds or I need to give them more TLC (sow indoors first, then transplant out) :lol:

Vege beds when they were first put in (October 2018)
My first attempt at planting things out before my NZ trip in November 2018
Plants didn’t die after my holiday due to automatic irrigation but they weren’t exactly thriving either (December 2018)
February 2019 – a bit greener and have had a few cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, strawberries and ONE watermelon at this point. Could’ve been more! Waiting for corn now.



by FeR on July 14, 2018 in gardening

I first started (thinking about) gardening 4 years ago, when I first moved to Australia. Wow! How things have changed. From contemplating leaving Australia to now, having my own place.

I have seen and worked in a few more places and hope that this current work will be my forever place (or at least, a good amount of time) as I do want to live in my own home permanently. My 1.5 years of working as a locum has been good and it helped that Melody offered her third bedroom to me for free. Where to find this kind of friend, eh? I am truly blessed to have very kind and generous friends living in close proximity to me.

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