Kimchi for the lazy

by FeR on May 31, 2018 in food

Whoa! TWO blog entries in a day. :hee:

Anyway, two weeks ago when LM was visiting, Melody asked if I wanted any vegetables. I knew that she had butternut pumpkin (it grew out of nowhere, she suspected there were seeds in the compost that she used) but was pleasantly surprised that she had wombok (Chinese/Napa cabbage) AND she had already harvested some to make kimchi!
I’m sure it was only a few weeks – do veggies grow THAT quickly??! – since I last saw her backyard and she only had seedlings then.

So I have had these wombok leaves (she harvested leaves, not the entire head of cabbage) sitting in my fridge for two weeks. It’s looking a little less perky than when I first got them 2 weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat them all at one go (actually I probably could but wombok is “windy”, I don’t want to be farting all day tomorrow) so thought making kimchi would be the best use of it.

I used Maangchi’s Emergency Kimchi recipe because it was simple (I was lazy) and didn’t need the “porridge” in the paste. When I mixed everything together, it smelled like the real deal! I’m really excited to try it in a few days – I hope I’ve done it right and it’ll ferment properly. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of good wombok!

The end product looks more like the kimchi I know. Can’t wait!
If this works, I may make it more regularly.


Gula melaka love: Kuih Sagu/Sago

by FeR on February 25, 2013 in yummies

When I was in primary/lower secondary school, I remember watching a local documentary about how they make gula melaka – anyone remembers watching it as well? At that time, I thought it was boring (because cartoons were better) but since it’s still watching TV (read: avoiding homework!), I stuck through it. I don’t remember the exact details but it involves a man climbing a tree, cutting a part of the tree and tying a plastic container to collect some sort of liquid from it (I now know the “liquid” is called sap :P ). Then they showed that very liquid being cooked in a big wok over a fire, stirring stirring stirring until it turned dark brown. They would then pour this into bamboo moulds and when it’s cooled, voila! Gula melaka! I tried to look for a similar video but I couldn’t find any similar to the yesteryear’s documentary.

Gula melaka
I shaved some gula melaka today and decided to complete the whole block so that when I need to use it in the future, it’s ready to be used without going through this step again.
Photo opportunity!

If only we could smell through photos – it smells so good!
[The only downside is that the knife I have is not a suitable knife for me, a lefty. Yes, took me 4 years before realising the knife I have discriminates my dominant hand. It’s serrated only on one side – the left side, then other is a flat blade. Instead of cutting away from my other hand/fingers, I have to cut towards them for the knife to work for me – dangerous, yes? I only realised it when I was shaving another block of gula melaka last week and wondered why my knife was doing nothing (only “rubbing” the gula melaka). NOW it makes sense why I couldn’t cut certain things properly in the past with this knife. :sidelook: ]

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by FeR on January 14, 2013 in cooking

What I have attempted so far (in my healthy eating quest) before the last post – I know 肉骨茶 is not exactly healthy but I had cili padi with every serving and very little rice.

I’m trying to keep motivated and have some kind of variety in my meals. I find it easiest to buy packs of mixed salad greens and I think I’d stick to that for now.


Look at what I found in my dusty corner of blog drafts? I think I didn’t post this up because I had individual blog post to write and link to the dates but you know what? I’ll just post this gist of September 2011 before 2013 comes knocking. Good idea? Yes, I think so.

1st September 2011, Thursday
Yay! Pay has gone into account! Boo! All gone in minutes after paying bills and transferring into the appropriate accounts.

“Love” sandwich made by Winne for me when she heard I hadn’t eaten. So sweet!

Also teman-ed me to go look at stuff and took me to A&W!

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Fish and Chips

by FeR on August 3, 2012 in eating out,work

Fish and Chips from Breakers
Fish and Chips at Breakers.

Chris came by just before I closed for the day and it was his usual Friday night thing – fish and chips at Breakers. It used to be a special on Fridays – but they have since changed it to Thursdays. It’s okay. I’ve had my heart set on it already, so we still got the fish and chips.

Sometimes we get so engrossed in our own thing or own “prejudice” that we do not get to see what someone else is going through. I wonder if my colleagues ever saw the loneliness or homesickness (it’s more of family&friends-sickness) in me?

You’ve been an oddball ( :P ) but I am grateful for all your help (and offers of help). I hope things work out for you and that you will be blessed in all you set out to do.
Thank you, again.