Where did time go?

by FeR on November 25, 2017 in blabs

Oh my.

My last post was back in March (see if you can spot them in the midst of all the Twitter updates, heh!). So much for wanting to revive my blogging. What a waste of money for hosting, too, when I don’t update this site.

Currently at the Riverland, which is considered to be the heart of SA’s citrus industry. I have yet to purchase local oranges, I keep passing them on the road (hello! 80kmph, I can’t well hit my brakes when I zoom past) but never get to stop and get some. I have to intentionally plan a day to procure them.

This is the 7th pharmacy I’ve worked at since I started as a locum (and my very first in getting paid via direct invoicing!) – not very many in the year because I kept going back to Mt Gambier (I went there FOUR times!). I was supposed to go to Darwin but 2 weeks before my start date, I got told that they found a permanent pharmacist (then CL told me later that they put out an ad again looking for a locum :pfft: Long story with this particular contact but never again shall you fool me!)

You know what? I just did a tally on the amount of days off I’ve given myself this year…16 weeks. That’s 4 months. I’m not sure if the figures are right, it seems WAYYYYY off. It’s definitely not a viable plan to be this *gasp!* lazy…I think I’ve been too slack. Been overly excited at the prospect that I can give myself time off anytime I wanted. It’s a recipe for disaster! Mortgage will not magically pay itself off (nor would the bank tell me, “S’aight, fix us up when you can.”) I need to plan better or get myself a permanent job. This will not work out in the long run. Reality check.

I have two major holidays planned out in 2018. I think that’s it. The rest of the year should be booked up with work, hopefully.

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