Spoke to me: All My Life

by FeR on November 6, 2015 in Him & faith

My freedom, my reason,
my Saviour that’s what you are to me
You free me, complete me,
my Saviour that’s what you are
There no other like You, there’s no one beside You
You’re more than my heart can contain

I will love You all my life,
for You are my reason,
the One that I live for
I will love You all my life,
for You are my reason
You’re the One that I live for

– Parachute Band –

This song.

This time around, I’m not exactly sure why I’m more emotional about leaving home. Perhaps it’s being surrounded by family and close friends for 4 weeks, then coming back here with a realisation that apart from WY, I don’t have any other close friends I can hang out with. Yes, I know I have NN here but it’s not the same.
Actually, it’s not emotional about leaving (I had no problems at KLIA. In fact, I was slightly annoyed that I couldn’t head to the gate earlier) but rather, feeling emotionally empty about being back here. Yes, there were tears. Unexplained and probably unnecessary but totally suited the moment (I started to feel unwell after my first day back at work and also *ahem* I had pains of other kind that could also contribute to my emo-ness). I felt listless at work and on my way back from work on Thursday, I just broke down and prayed for God to take away the heaviness in my heart. I cried all the way home.

This song.
This song came up when I drove to work on Friday. It was a reminder of where my heart should be. A reminder of who I live for. A reminder of my source of joy. Then, right after this song came “Nothing Compares”.
You and Your sense of humour, God.

Thank You for the reminder.

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