10pm and I’m sleepy.

by FeR on June 12, 2006 in pets

* LOTS of Brinkley’s pictures. Flee if you are on dial-up or have immense/intense hatred for dogs. Thank you.

I feel like an old fart. Then again, older people don’t need much sleep or can’t sleep that much, right?

Anyway, been a looooong day although it’s my half-day at work. Thankfully yesterday’s headache was gone when I woke up. I think it’s caffeine withdrawal(?).
Dad finished the coffee at home. I’m broke. So no coffee for the ONLY day I don’t work – which is Sunday. Thus the headache, I guess.

After work, went to the parking pondok to ask them if they can “transfer” my card details to be used in the MTB. I’m supposed to go back there to work as what I’m paid for starting tomorrow. Dang! I didn’t want to continue using the cards at the clinic. I don’t even know who it belongs to! Having your card kena rampas by the MAB staff isn’t exactly nice either. Turns out I’ve got to ask for the “transfer” from the MTB itself. Hopefully no one’s checking on monthly passes tomorrow!

Came back and bathed Brinkley. I thought if he’s going to get his yearly heartworm jab, better clean him first because you’re not suppose to shower your dog after s/he receives a jab. While I let him dry off naturally, I went to Perodua in Senawang to get my car serviced.

“Wah! Nowadays you come so early huh? Last time you were always late.”

It’s because I kena lectured by YOU lah (and also I saw the logic in what you said) that I’m on time now! D’oh!

When I got back home it was already 5pm! I should have taken the dog to the vet, leave him there, get the car serviced and then “collect” Brinkley. Save time! Well, I didn’t think of that. Didn’t know it would take so long to get those clots out!

Since Brinkley had to do a mini op for his swollen ears (ear hematoma), I had to wait and allow all the other “patients” to go first. SOOOOO many people brought their pets to DrEe’s clinic today! Got frustrated waiting especially when Brinkley also got restless at one point. Was afraid he may pee on the floor in the clinic again. So malu! Thankfully he didn’t. *phew!*

So we waited.

I have blood phobia. Really. And when I see documentaries talking about operations and such, oooooooo…my knees go weak and my stomach goes funny. Weird thing is that I felt like I HAD to be there for Brinks. The vet said that most owners are more afraid because it’s their OWN pet…they stay half way and then walk out because they cannot tahan. Weird isn’t it? I felt that since he’s MY pet, the more reason I should be brave and be there for him. Cewah! So yea! I sat through the whole thing. Not literally, there weren’t any seats. Took pictures so that I can show it to mom and also to all my lovely friends.
Dad refused the picture showcase offer.

The GA isn’t as great as Midazolam but in a few minutes, Brinkley sat down on the vet’s examination table. He doesn’t do that usually. The normal thing would be him standing and getting all jittery, drooly, shaking. Then he started to feng tau. Didn’t know dogs can do that!
He was looking left and right, left and right.
Actually, it was quite a sad sight. He looked so confused and scared. His eyes were opened but they were glazed over. So creepy. I thought it’ll be like for us, we close our eyes and ZzzZzzzz…

As the GA started to kick in, the vet said, “Okay. Let’s not waste time and see if I can shave his ears first.”

The vet held his ear up like that so the benjol would be more apparent.

Sleeping like a baby!

Quite sad to see him like this. The vet said good thing about this choice of GA is that they can still add on if they find the initial dose insufficient.

I asked, “How would you know if it’s insufficient?”
“When they feel the pain.”
WAHHHHHHHHH!!! How’s a dog going to tell you, “Hey doc! Pain lah!”

Ear all cleaned up! Rather blur. Most pictures rather blur. I guess I was still afraid of blood after all! Tried to be macho only but hands shaking!

Tongue sticking out. Conked already.

So unusual for him to just lay there and not react. Scary! And his ears are pinkish! The sterilizer was some liquid that made his ear all pink!

Scalpels are VERY sharp. Don’t mess with it. Just one light slit on his ear and voila! Blood ooooooooozed out. Then the vet pressed on the sides (like squeezing your pimples for the pus to come out?) and the clot came out.

Not a very clear picture of the clot, most of it was just blood. There were some solid clots. Hand shaky. *hehe* That’s DEFINITELY not rose syrup.

Stitching up the wound. I thought it’d be like human’s stitches – “train tracks”. It wasn’t! I know I sound terrible to say such a thing but I just went, “Oh! I guess that’s how they sew handbags!”
Because the stitches are THROUGH the ear (sutures), THROUGH the cartilage, even! I felt a bit faint because I can’t imagine the pain Brinkley will go through when he’s back to normal.

Unclotted ear! The ear flap was curved so it may actually just look like the same as before, except “bloodier”.

Can you see the “through” stitches?!!! Bo-Peep is here! That plastic thing cost me RM20. Hmmmph. I love Brinkley so RM20 don’t matter. Let me email my mom…*hehe*

The vet said it would be good if the bandage could be kept on for one day. Then again, he also said that it will hardly last for so long. True enough. Bandage sudah cabut. If not how can you see his stitches wor?

<< Uhhh...uhrmm..." >> “Wha..wher..huh?”

Initially when I got him home, he was all dazed and confused. It was a bit funny to see him walk in circles. It was also funny when I brought him his water bowl, he put his nose in it and snorted. He even fell head down first. Ouch! I didn’t laugh at that. Then as he refused to sit still and avoided me when I wanted to sayang him, I got worried.
He was so scared! He had a confused/mad man expression on his face. Seriously. I was worried when I called him and he didn’t recognise me. So sad!
Not funny anymore!!! Vet said will take about 3 hours to go back to normal.

Thank God he went back to normal after only 2 hours plus. *muacks*
Can you not love such a handsome face?

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