Kimchi for the lazy

by FeR on May 31, 2018 in food

Whoa! TWO blog entries in a day. :hee:

Anyway, two weeks ago when LM was visiting, Melody asked if I wanted any vegetables. I knew that she had butternut pumpkin (it grew out of nowhere, she suspected there were seeds in the compost that she used) but was pleasantly surprised that she had wombok (Chinese/Napa cabbage) AND she had already harvested some to make kimchi!
I’m sure it was only a few weeks – do veggies grow THAT quickly??! – since I last saw her backyard and she only had seedlings then.

So I have had these wombok leaves (she harvested leaves, not the entire head of cabbage) sitting in my fridge for two weeks. It’s looking a little less perky than when I first got them 2 weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat them all at one go (actually I probably could but wombok is “windy”, I don’t want to be farting all day tomorrow) so thought making kimchi would be the best use of it.

I used Maangchi’s Emergency Kimchi recipe because it was simple (I was lazy) and didn’t need the “porridge” in the paste. When I mixed everything together, it smelled like the real deal! I’m really excited to try it in a few days – I hope I’ve done it right and it’ll ferment properly. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of good wombok!

The end product looks more like the kimchi I know. Can’t wait!
If this works, I may make it more regularly.


Week 2

by FeR on May 31, 2018 in blabs,personal

My last proper blog entry was back in December! I can’t believe it’s been that long. I wrote about seeing a fig tree and how I felt it was a sign for me to stop wandering around. Now, I’m at week 2 of my permanent job (God sent!). I can start planning my edible garden and I can finally start unpacking the rest of my things that are still in boxes.

I’ve been tired everyday after work and I really hope I’ll snap out of the lazy cycle of just wasting after work time with mindless TV programmes. I gave myself a week to settle in but I think I may need another! :P
From here on, I hope to be able to do a post a week. What about? All sorts, I guess. What’s happening around me or what I’m up to. I hope to remember the less “out there” days of my life.

Speaking of “out there”, I have been working/living away from tanahair for 10 years now. I left KLIA on the 27th of May 2008. 20 years ago was when we left school, too. Wow. I’ve never wondered about what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be at this age (when I was younger). I thought I’d be married with (two) kids by 30 (that was the “ideal” plan) but I guess I thought wrong. I have always wanted to live overseas. I’m not sure if I’ll have the life I have now if I had stayed. Or if it would’ve been better if I did stay. I only know that if I don’t give it a go, I will always wonder, “What if?” and that is why I left NZ at the end of 2013 to come to Australia. I don’t know if it’s better but I’m grateful for all that I’ve experienced (good or bad).

The me a decade ago was rather narrow minded and naive, quick to judge (these days I tryyyyy to give people the benefit of doubt) and held on to a secret that I thought I would’ve kept to my grave. I hope I am a better person now, through past experiences and relationship with others.

I have had this intermittent dull ache on the left upper quadrant for weeks now (I believe since early April). Because it went away, I didn’t think too much of it. When it kept happening for more than 3 weeks, my hypochondriac mind went into an overdrive thinking I may have an enlarged spleen (my rational mind says no). It still wasn’t enough to take me to the doctor and instead, I turned to my health industry friends in a group chat. I did not get any answers.

I finally took myself to the doctor today. I had no pain going into the doctor’s office. She palpated my abdominal areas and I had nothing to shout about. She told me that my symptoms were typical of someone with constipation (I don’t think I am, actually) and recommended a few weeks of osmotic laxatives. Everything was fine until I left the building. The pain started again (it’s still here while I’m typing this, 5 hours later). When I push into my left side, it feels slightly tender (a bruised feeling). Sigh.

I could’ve gotten my blood tests done today – if only I hadn’t eaten that ONE Hudson’s sweet (I had a tickle in my throat before the appointment!), I could’ve taken the lab request straight to the phlebotomist. Now, I have to wait for another day.